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Thank you for visiting RStudio! This space holds the work of an artistic community, and is meant to gather many perspectives under one banner.  That banner is a life spent in pursuit of our Maker.  It’s not designed to be a factory, market, or propaganda source, but merely as a repository for the craft that flows naturally from this lifelong pursuit.  We endeavor to shine our collective joys, struggles, hopes and failures through a prism of faith, with a belief that something worthwhile will result.  We hope you enjoy some of what you find here.


  1. Satisfied Dovetail Suites - Album: Dovetail Suites
  2. Darby Blues The Doilies - Album: Shabby Shank Cuts
  3. John the Baptist Blues Dovetail Suites - Album: Dovetail Suites
  4. In the Garden Dovetail Suites - Album: Dovetail Suites
  5. Where Are You Going Jana Pasquini - Album: Cancelled Czech
  6. Dear Lord Jesus Christ Jana Pasquini - Album: Cancelled Czech
  7. More Than This B.J. Squeens - Album: Broken Vessel
  8. Perfect Love and Care B.J. Squeens - Album: Out of The Mind

Visual Art

My inspiration for all my art – God.
Maybe cliche, but seriously and specifically for these scenery pictures. His hand is in everything. Having visited a lot of different places the past couple years, I can’t help but be in awe of the depth of his creativity. From each snowflake to the petals on a flower to the grains of sand and the mountain peaks, no occurrence is ever the same and it’s hard for me to believe it all happened by coincidence Each detail in creation was designed by the most creative being to ever exist.

For my other artwork (hopefully coming soon:): The way I see it, my creativity is derived from my creator. I am not creating artwork for God, I am creating it with Him.
~ Heather